Welcome to Cison di Valmarino, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy!

You will immediately be enchanted by its historical and artistic beauties : the Arciprist church of Santa Maria Assunta ( with a double façade and with Francesco and Egidio Dall’Oglio works ) to the many roadside shrines. The Brandolini/Colomban castle to Our Lady of Grace temple, Tovena’s Parish church ( with its precious Callido organ ) to the new Sacred Art Museum in the same fraction.

Come and experience the unspoiled nature of the Ruio park, the Loff rufuge situated above the Bosco delle Penne Mozze with commemorative war plaques made by Simon Benetton, the Rosada with its old external washing basins, the cyclamen cave and many other nature reserves and if in addition to well being you like sport activities this is the place with its qualified Nordic Walking trails, bicycle and horse riding routes and mountain trails of varying difficulty.

You will travel through history as you stroll along the ancient Via Maestra or the Vie Dell’Acqua ( water trail stream ) or along the “ One Hundreds Day Road” which from the valley bottom in a short time leads to the Passo san Boldo ( over seven hundred metres above sea level ). Overlooking the Valbelluna, there is also a rich offer of spiritual places and rituals connected to tradition and devotion, with festivities and festivals.

Enjoy it’s high quality products : spit, cheeses, mushrooms with polenta. DOGG Prosecco and renowned red wines. Enjoy all of this in a tavern tasting typical plates, perhaps after spending the night in one of the many B+B’s with a family atmosphere, or in a different accommodation, where you will appreciate the friendliness of Cison’s inhabitants.

Enjoy a variety of events offered throughout the year. Concerts and typical theatrical performances, from puppets to art exhibitions but be sure to visit the antique Radio Museum next to the village theatre in Piazza Roma.

This is also a paradise for lovers of fayres and of what is produced by expert hands with authentic talent and ancient wisdom : do not miss fayres such as “ Assaporando Cison “ now very well known with it’s delicious wine, food and local products.
“ Artigianato Vivo “ is the re discovery of ancient crafts and timeless craft skills. “ Stelle di Natale “ with typical products and crafts for the Christmas holiday period. The secular free fayre, one of the eldest, of San Simon and Jude at Tovena. The Mostra dei Presepi “ en plein air “ ( about 70 Nativities ) is a lovely walk down and around Mura’s very preserved beautiful lanes.

You must also let yourself be seduced by the charming views and pleasant sights of Cison’s historic centre,with characteristic historical buildings that surround it : the “ La Loggia “ theatre, the Town Hall which is an old Venetian building, Villa Marinelli, the Brandolini Counts residence and nearby the former houses of the “ Marian Brandolini cellars “.
They have been fully restored and are used for fayres and let out for various occasions. The territory also offers the quaint village of Gai, nestled on a gentle hill. The artistic Tovena’s “ Piazzetta “ and much more ….

Last but not least the very pleasant Rolle village ( a FAI “ITALIAN ENVIRONMENT FUND” village candidate for the UNESCO heritage ). The famous poet Andrea Zanzotto was a great lover of this village and of its area and called it, with good reason, a postcard sent from gods “.

You will literally be enchanted and pleasantly surprised visiting Cison di Valmarino.

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