sunday 15th November 2015

 An important project to improve efficiency involved the medieval village of Cison di Valmarino, near Treviso, scoring a single goal from the point of view of energy.The re development of all points of light , born from the need to enhance the village and surroundings with a new light, has generated an overall decrease of 80% of energy consumption and and a10% cut in lighting costs.

To achieve this goal Philips was chosen as an intervention partner with a commitment towards design, equipment, services and solutions provided: the adoption of an outdoor system remotely controlled thanks to the City Touch platform, opened the way for an intelligent online management, dynamic and flexible lighting.

The innovative Philips system helped to define the unique landscape of this municipality, recently elected one of the most beautiful towns of Italy and to increase safety ensuring a better quality of urban life. Through this platform , in fact, the lights of the village , totally LED, can be programmed and managed via mode on or off, the power level and brightness, depending on actual needs. In this way, the lighting can be changed at any time, adapting to the specific requirements of citizens and respect for environmental sustainability.


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