Trail of Gevero

This event was born from a dream of a group of friends and fans of sports and nature eager to enhance the beauty of the area in which they live, making them known to fans of trail running. Discover and explore the trails and mountains of Cison di Valmarino, located in Treviso Alps, true context for this specialty.

Trail running is a sport that combines the fatigue and physical performance with a passion for the mountains, a meeting of their own limits and those unique emotions that only the tops can give.

Amusement, amazement, wonder, sweat, determination and satisfaction of goals achieved ... maybe there's just this winning combination at the base of the large spread that is having this sport, which involves more people and that we want to bring into our territory with event of great significance. 

The territory that welcomes us has unique features for both conformation of the mountains, and for the possibility of technical steps on the paths that connect the valley with the peaks, among them the imposing of Crodon Gevero overlooking the famous refuge of Loff and the name to our trail.

Small Dolomites, this is the nickname of our slopes that, despite not having great heights, slopes give important on rocky trails and arrivals on ridges and peaks, with views of the Dolomites and the valley Treviso to the sea.


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