Botanical Garden of San Boldo

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San Boldo


The Passo San Boldo, 700 meters above sea level, with its meadows and its forests is certainly the best place to host a thematic really interesting: the botanical garden dedicated to medicinal plants in the foothills.

The course is divided in reality in three different paths that have a different degree of physical effort. Two of these meander along the paths that lead from the valley floor of Tovena, with about two and a half hours of walking, the Passo San Boldo (these paths n. 1031 and 1031B, better described in the section paths), while the third develops around the office of the Alpine Tovena, almost flat on a path that can be covered in about half an hour.

This last course was to make accessible to all the local flora and its characteristics. No need then traces the fascinating but steep slopes of the San Boldo to learn about the wealth of its plants; just walk comfortably along this route, through illustrative panels with photos, you can learn the large variety of plants, edible and poisonous, growing on these fascinating mountains.

The best time to visit when the path is certainly in conjunction with the annual Feast Alpina which takes place in August, during which nights are organized in-depth on the local flora (for more information visit the relevant page in the events section).

The area around which develops the path is equipped area for camper, there is a large picnic area with tables and benches, and a small playground for the little ones. Inside the building next door, home of the Alpine Tovena, also include significant exposure on the Great War.

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