Via dei Mulini

Cison di Valmarino

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Via dei Mulini


A few hundred meters north of Rome square, you can take a particular historical path that winds through the natural valley to the Forest of Penne Mozze. It is a path that can, at every turn, to impress even the most discerning of visitors: embodies the value of history, the beauty of nature and the charm of magic.

The path rebuilds what was, until the beginning of the last century, the artisan of Cison, tied hand in glove with the torrent Rujo and with the exploitation of its water: you will be able to see old washing reconstructed, fountains, channels with several closed, old mills and the remains of the old fools.

Although fascinated by these testimonies of recent history, the walker cannot fail to be enraptured by the enchantment of nature, by the incessant sound of running water, the scent of the undergrowth, the waterfalls that unexpectedly show up along the folds of the track.
The journey takes place in the woods and meadows that allow once again to appreciate a slice of authentic nature.

But along the streets of the water flows also the charm of magic, the magic of an "enchanted forest" (in fact April 25 the event takes place "The Enchanted Forest" for which you are invited to visit the homonymous page in the "Events"), inhabited by ghosts and goblins ... and then do not be surprised if along the way you greet butterflies papier mache, wood hedgehogs and other cute inhabitants of the forest ...

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