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  • The Enchanted Forest

    Il Bosco Incantanto - 25th April 2019
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    The "enchanted forest on inland water" comes in 2019 at the 22°edition. The event is organized by "The Way of the Mills" and the cultural circle "At Mazarol" with the cooperation of the US Cisonese and the p

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  • Prima & Vera 2019

    Cison di Valmarino - 28th April 2019 - Ore 08:30
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    Domenica 28 aprile 2019 Escursione ad anello di circa 11 Km con modesto dislivello (circa 230 metri s.l.m.) nei dintorni di Tovena. Questo anno dirigiamo il nostro pas

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  • Fontane Magiche

    Fontane Magiche - 15th June 2019 - Dalle 18:00 alle 23:30
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    The magic of water that turns into wine ... Wine tasting and local products. Jets of wine ... all the fountains of the country. From 18.00 to 24.00 hours after the event at the Ancient House Marian, the cisonesi teachers ...

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  • Artigianato Vivo 2018 - 38^ Edition

    Artigianato Vivo - da sunday 4th a thursday 15th August 2019
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    From 4 to August 15, 2019 back to Cison di Valmarino the Review "Artigianato Vivo", 39th edition, one of the most anticipated summer events across the region Veneto, able to catalyze a growing number of visitors and tourists, indus

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  • Raduno al Bosco delle Penne Mozze

    Raduno al Bosco delle Penne Mozze - 1st September 2019
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    Sunday 1 september held the 48-th edition of the Gathering of wood of Penne Mozze. The gathering of the sections and groups Alpini, the Patriotic Association and the population is organized in common intention that the right memory of

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  • Trail of Gevero

    Trail del Gevero - 3rd November 2019
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    It starts Saturday, November 4 with an unprecedented vertikal, expected in night version. Athletes will start in 30 seconds apart from Piazza Roma to get on the "Crodon of Gevero". Sunday, Novem

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  • Stelle a Natale - XVI Rassegna

    Stelle a Natale - da saturday 7th a sunday 15th December 2019
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     Anyone who wants to breathe since the beginning of December the Christmas spirit cannot miss the annual appointment with Stelle a Natale, an event that offers wonderful opportunity to visit Cison di Valmarino with the magical atmospher

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  • Mura a Natale

    Mura a Natale - da monday 16th December 2019 a monday 6th January 2020
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    Each year, Walls with its crib exhibition attracts hundreds of visitors. During Christmas it happen anywhere to run into a crib, to stop curious to see the water flowing near the hut, or to marvel at the fire that seems ...

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